My name is André Macedo and I’m The Original CABALHEIRO.

You may know me by the content I provide but all I do is an extension of my actual craft. It was the combination of years of hard work plus consistency that led me here and it was the concept of trial and error that made me who I am at this particular moment.

It all started with some trims back in 2015. I was actually throwing a cable from my parent’s third floor down to the garage, just to get electricity.

Although the set up was modest, the mindset was the same: to excel with the service provided. As a matter of fact, I had the luxuries of a proper shave. As tiring as it was, I was getting hot towels from the microwave, all the way up the floors. Because you either do it properly, or don’t do it at all.

After 6 months, I upgraded to a closed environment, appointment only, DIY barbershop. Third floor (coincidence?) of a building, near city center. After a bit of work, it was up and running.

Along side that, I worked at the number 1 salon in the city, with Pedro Remy.

I was getting recognition and divided presences between places like Braga and Porto (Portugal), as well as Zurich (Switzerland).

2017 marked a huge step in my career when I managed to get an opportunity at the world renowned Savills Barbers. With it, came a whole new exposure and possibility to know big sharks in the industry.

I’ve been featured as a model on “Project X” DVD produced by massively acclaimed Schorem Barbier. It gathered 12 barbers from 12 different places in the world.

One of those barbers was Joth Davies, owner of Savills and good friend of mine.

The Instructional DVD helps those who want to be barbers and may not have the financial means to do it. All the proceeds go straight to the cause.

As The Original CABALHEIRO, my goal is to combine techniques from both barbering and hairdressing. But most importantly, bring back the good old values. That’s what people remember. Not what you did, but how you made them feel.

I’ve been fortunate enough to create a solid foundation for my craft as well as a respectable name in the industry because of that mindset. As for my work, I’d say it has a classic appeal, but it is refined with a current and more organic approach.

// Contemporary Grooming, Traditional at Heart.